Number 760


Image of Number 760

Photo poster of a door captured by Arthurious in Philadelphia, PA for Sidewalk Botanist city research project.

- Size 12×18″
- The photo poster is printed on matte heavy studio paper in full color with vibrant archival inks
- Ships flat in a protective mailing case
- Designed and printed at Arthurious studio in New York City

Display suggestions

The photo posters are printed on very heavy paper and can be framed or clipped on a wall or an art board.

About Sidewalk Botanist Project

Sidewalk Botanist is a photo journal published by Arthurious exploring urban visual culture through city artifacts, textures, and architectural details. Each issue provides a survey of wayfinding, textures, doors, trash bins, lamp posts, and other visual cues that help uncover the essence of a place. Read more about the project on


Image of Number 760 Image of Number 760 Image of Number 760 Image of Number 760