2019 Wall Calendar


Image of 2019  Wall Calendar

The latest edition features 12 select high-resolution photographs of city details and street artifacts from towns and neighborhoods across America captured by designer and photographer Arthurious: from the retro store signs in Detroit to the magical graphic doors and mailboxes in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, among others. The cover of the calendar features a local hydrant from Montclair, New Jersey.

This calendar is part of Sidewalk Botanist, a new research project by Arthurious exploring urban visual culture through city artifacts, textures, and architectural details. Through a series of photo journals, each issue surveys wayfinding, textures, doors, trash bins, lamp posts, and other visual cues that help uncover the essence of a place.

Notes on production
Size: 10×14" 
Full-color pigment printing 

Cover: smooth off-white heavy stock 

Inner: natural textured paper 
Bound in double spiral with hanger 

Typefaces: Windsor and HK Grotesk
Designed and printed in New York City


Image of 2019  Wall Calendar Image of 2019  Wall Calendar