Postcard Set


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A collection of 50 photo postcards combining the most interesting and quirky city details I captured to date.

Printed in full color on smooth thick off-white paper. Packed in a craft box. Size: 4.25 × 5.75”

About the project
The city has always had personal meaning to me. When I got my first camera, I was the only kid in the neighborhood observing and photographing doors, which I did out of inborn curiosity and with great delight. I always thought that the city is defined not by the height of buildings, length of roads, and the number of restaurants, but by the tiny street details I encountered every day.

 Sidewalk Botanist is a logical expression of my love to those details, neighborhood by neighborhood documenting door knobs, windows, lamp posts, benches, and sidewalk textures.


Image of Postcard Set Image of Postcard Set Image of Postcard Set