CUBA (Holiday Isle of the Tropics) 1949 Poster


Cuba became a popular tourist destination for travelers in the 1920s thanks in large part to its proximity to the United States and its relaxed attitude towards alcohol while the U.S. was under prohibition. Tourism was a major source of income for Cuba during this time, but factors including World War II led to a sharp decline in foreign visitors. This began to change however in the 1950s and once again became a popular destination for vacationers. The festive travel poster offered here was issued before the Cuban Revolution and features a beautiful Rumba dancer in a tropical Cuban breezeway with the inviting tagline “Holiday Isle of the Tropics.”


This is a high-quality photographic print of the original vintage travel poster. Photographed to retain original marks & wear and printed in my NYC studio. Framed in a black wooden frame or unframed.

Printed on digital press with archival matte off-white paper. Print size 12×18″. Ships securely in a protected case.

Print Size



Unframed, Black Frame